Exciting new arrivals in store including Maui Jim

Hello again and welcome back to my blog.

In my last blog, I mentioned that we had a few new ranges in, one of them being a range called “Just”. We’ve recently added to our Just collection of frames and I’ve included another picture of some of the sides you can get with this range. Each pair comes with 2 sides and extra sides in different patterns and colours can be ordered. Everyone has been impressed with how incredibly light they are. I made myself a pair last month and even I couldn’t believe how incredibly lightweight they were.

I also mentioned in my last blog (when I was feeling whimsical) that I would take you back to the very beginning 20 years ago. I’m going to do that for you in May this year when we will celebrate 21 years of operating an optometry practice on Majors Bay Road. Keep your eye out for photos of a much younger me preparing the first store for it’s opening.

And now for what’s new. Apart from the new models of the Just frames, last November we added the world famous Maui Jim sunglasses to our collection. I’ve been wanting these for some time now and I am very happy with the decision to stock them. We had a very fun Maui Jim party night and we now have some very stylish patients out and about modelling their new Maui Jim’s. Maui Jim can be bought straight off the rack or you can have them custom made with your prescription. The lenses have some of the leading lens technology in the world. Enjoy the pictures!

There are many other wonderful new frames in store. In fact, there are 250 of them since I last wrote. Apart from the Just frames and the Maui Jim, some of the new editions include Furla sunglasses, Esprit optical and a new series from the Silhouette rimless collection. I’ll put some pictures in the next blog.

I will sign off for now but if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me by phone or email.

Until I write again, it’s all the best from me.