Fashion and prescription Sunglasses

Stay protected all year round with quality fashion and prescription sunglasses from Maria Norris Optometrist

Sunglasses are such an important part of our Australian lifestyle. Our eyes need year-round protection from harmful UV and other radiation from the sun which can contribute to long term eye health and vision issues. Long term exposure to the sun’s UV rays can cause eye damage including pterygia (a growth on the eye) and cataracts. Both UV radiation and HEV (high energy visible) radiation from the sun have been linked to macular degeneration – Australia’s leading cause of vision loss.

High quality sunglasses are a vital eyewear investment. Our ranges for men and women include Prada, Gucci, Oroton, William Morris, Rodenstock, Esprit, Ugly Fish and Cancer Council.  All our sunglasses meet Australian Standards.

Our non-prescription fashion sunglasses feature 100% UV blocking lenses and our range of polarised sunglasses offer added glare protection around water, snow and other reflective surfaces.

Sunglasses - Fashion

Sunglasses with your prescription – you’ll love them!

Haven’t worn prescription sunglasses before? You’ll wonder why you waited so long! So many of our fabulous styles are suitable for your prescription. Whether you are a single vision or multifocal glasses wearer, our prescription sunglasses will give you optimum vision clarity and 100% UV protection, with the option of polarised lenses for glare reduction. Prescription sunglasses qualify for private health fund claims.

Sunnies for Sport

Like to run, cycle or play golf? You’ll know that fashion sunglasses often don’t do the job. You need protection from wind and water with a wide field of view and your sunglasses need to be light and tough.

We are proud to stock the Nike range of Performance Sunglasses designed for athletes by athletes to “SEE SPORT BETTER”. Nike’s lenses are tuned for specific environments to create the best vision for your particular sport.

Nike sports lenses are available in outdoor tint, golf tint, polarised for water or snow, ‘high vis’ or speed tint for variable light conditions and they offer the options of anti-reflective and mirror coating. Nike frames are customised to provide ventilation and grip. They are designed to maximise face coverage and minimise interference.

They are available in non-prescription or prescription packages, with some styles suitable for multifocal lenses.

All Nike prescription lenses come with a 12-month warranty against normal wear and tear.

Sunglasses - Sport