High Quality Lenses

Quality lenses from the world’s leading lens manufacturers AND expert advice - at Maria Norris Optometrist, your lens choice is clear!

There really is no substitute for expert advice!

Single vision, multifocal, bifocal, anti-reflection coatings, UV coatings, blue light filters, transistions, high-index, polycarbonate – and that’s just a few of the options!

With so many types of lenses and lens coatings on the market, choosing the correct lenses for your glasses can be very confusing. It is, however, the most important step in your eyewear purchase. It requires expert knowledge and that’s where we come in. Sarah Fayle, our qualified Optical Dispenser, has over two decades of optical dispensing experience. Her wealth of knowledge on all types of lenses and prescriptions means that Sarah will give you accurate, unbiased advice on the most suitable lenses and coatings for your vision and lifestyle needs.  Most of our lenses are fitted here on site by Sarah.

Quality Lenses - Expert advice
Quality Lenses

Why Quality Is So Important

We deal only with the most reputable lens manufacturers, including Essilor, Nikon, Hoya and Rodenstock. These manufacturers stand behind their products and offer innovative technology in both lens materials and lens design.

No ‘one size fits all’ – we give you options

Remember our Promise? It applies to all aspects of our eyewear and you can be assured that the lenses we recommend for you are based on your prescription, lifestyle and budget. As an independent optometry practice, we have the freedom to offer our patients a range of lens options from all our manufacturers, using our Good, Better, Best lens recommendation tool.

Quality Lenses - Personalised options